Mangaldai Commerce College
ISO- Certificate No: E2023104983

Rules and Regulations


The college lays great emphasis on discipline and character building of the students. So they must abide by the rules and regulations of the college.

(1) Using mobile inside the college campus is strictly prohibited. Violation of the rule must be liable to pay a fine.
(2) College uniform is compulsory for every working day. Students without uniform will not be allowed to enter the college campus.
(3) Smoking, spitting, throwing waste indecently, destroying college property, making noise and loitering in the campus may lead pecuniary fine or expulsion from the college or both.
(4) All forms of ragging in the college or in the Hostel are strictly prohibited. Strong disciplinary action will be taken against those involved in such activities.
(5) The Identity Card should be brought to the college every day and is to be produced whenever asked for.

(1) Attendance in class is compulsory.
(2) Students failing to attend at least 75% of the classes in each subject will forfeit the benefits of scholarship and other facilities (e.g. contesting in college election). He will not even be allowed to sit for any final examination.

(1) `Library Cards’ are issued to the students of both H.S. and Degree students for transaction of books from Library.
(2) Books will be issued to the student member for 30 days and over due charge of Rs. 1.00 for each book per day shall be levied on a member, if a book is keptbeyond the loan period.

The election of Mangaldai Commerce College students’ union is held as per guidelines of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India dated 22-09-2006. The guidelines are as follows:
(i) Under graduate students between the ages of 17 and 22, only can contest the election.
(ii) The candidates having arrear are not allowed to contest in the election.
(iii) The candidate should have the minimum percentage of attendance in classes as prescribed by the university.
(iv) The candidate shall not have a previous criminal record. The candidate shall also not have been subject to any disciplinary action by the College Authority.