Mangaldai Commerce College
ISO- Certificate No: E2023104983

Mission & Vission


  •  Empowering students with all the knowledge and guidance that they need to fit in the global business world.

  •  Learning by Doing.

  •  Providing for holistic and value-based development of students which ultimately enhances their employability.

  •  To carve a niche for ourselves in the specialized field of commerce and management.

  •  Grooming youth to become a truly global personality well equipped to deal with the modern world and its challenges.


  •  To be an institute of academic excellence with total commitment to quality education in Commerce, management and related fields.


  •  Excellence in teaching -learning process as reflected in outcome.

  •  Contribution to the existing knowledge through academic pursuit.

  •  Service to the society through extension activities.


The emblem of college contains a wealth of meaning. On it is inscribed the name of the college and its motto in three Sanskrit words-”BANIJYE BASATI LAKHIMI” which means “Wealth through trade” Le.”Wealth”. The verbal from of “Lakhimi” indicates that the businessman is the rightful person of the fruits of business and one can get wealth through trade or business where Commerce education can inspire.